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Stone Bay Ventures is an investment and advisory boutique that brings an owner-operator perspective to value creation. We specialize in the consumer sector, actively building, acquiring, investing in, and advising companies across their lifecycles. Our team's diverse experience as founders, operators, and investors allows us to offer a multi-faceted approach to each engagement. We strategically focus on a select number of investments at a time, ensuring deep involvement and a commitment to driving value alongside management teams.

Our expertise spans the full spectrum of company development – from startups to high-growth enterprises, turnarounds, and even navigating complex restructuring scenarios. We also offer focused advisory services where our knowledge, skills, and network can solve critical strategic, operational, financial, or governance challenges. Our collaborative, hands-on style emphasizes partnership with management to unlock growth, profitability, and long-term value creation.


We invest in established smaller businesses with exceptional growth potential. Recognizing that building exceptional companies takes time, we seek to be long-term partners for owners seeking to preserve and enrich their business's legacy. Our patient capital, operational expertise, and flexible investment structures ensure customized solutions for businesses, founders, managers, and employees, helping them reach the next stage of growth.

Investment Criteria

EBITDA of $1 million to $10 million


Investment Structure

  • Majority and minority transactions

  • Willingness to co-invest with partners

Primary Industry Focus

  • Consumer Products

  • Food & Beverage

  • Sports/Events/Enthusiast Businesses

  • Consumer Services

  • Business Services

  • Franchising


Transaction Types

  • Buyout

  • Growth Capital

  • Owner/Founder Liquidity

  • Recapitalizations


Stone Bay Ventures provides advisory services to both startups and established companies, partnering with them to achieve dramatic performance improvements. We confront complex business challenges – from leadership transitions, market pressures, to evolving industry dynamics – with a focus on tailored, data-driven solutions. Our collaborative approach blends experience and analysis to empower clients, helping them uncover opportunities, adapt strategically, and achieve sustainable bottom-line growth.

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